A nice short Sail at Wello NNE

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Worked in the morning – home for a quick lunch then off to Wellington Point to have a little sail. Arrived around 3.10pm and plenty of people on the water. Even Pete was there catching some of the action on the water with the F2 Thommen and a slalom board. Nice

Wind was like 18 to 20 knots so 7.8m Naish Noa sail is the go 42.5 black project fin with old Stumpy (Fanatic StingRay) favourite board atm. Jaye set up the 6.6m avanti for the run.

Set up and headed out the tide was going out and the bank was out of the water – so hoping for some flat water – didn’t look too flat.

I attempted to get going 4 times but couldn’t get into harness (old kite harness I like it because hook is low) shirt and flap behind bar getting in the way. Sorted that to a point and away we go – straight onto the plane and front straps AWESOME back straps no problems (they are easy set in – will move them back out at Christmas at Lake Cootharaba), nice. Off for a sail – mmm not so flat was very bumpy but great to be on the water – it has been 3 weeks since I have been out.  Working 7 days currently so hard to get onto the water.

Man I was happy that I was up and away – water starting was a no show as sail too big and my sailing fitness is shot – one run out and I am shot to pieces, huffing and puffing, so just up hauled was easy and quick. Did get one water start going but Jaye had come out to see if I was ok (thanks heaps buddy) I had to bail nearly ran into him lol. He hung around til I got going – how cool is that :-). I was knackered for sure. I don’t believe my sailing fitness is so shot – will have to go harder at the gym with specific exercises to enhance my general fitness.

I had some 5 runs out and back then a storm loomed with plenty of lightning so had to bail – not the place to be in a electical storm.

Tammy came and checked out Wellington Point for a bit and caught up with a few of the guys.

Was great to see everyone down there and say hi and have a sail.

See you out there




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