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On the Ferry on the Brisbane River Australia

On the Ferry on the Brisbane River Australia

I started to windsurf at 55  years old unfit and with a bad case of Asthma WHAT!!! Are you crazy – just might be but I have started on the 9th November 2013.  Maybe I have rocks in my head but I have been watching local guys blasting away and have decided that I would like a peice of that action.  So have to learn how to do it.

Since then my son Jaye has joined in the fun and smashed it – good on him

And my beautiful wife is getting amongst it as well and doing very well indeed – this year we will be getting her a sup sailor to learn on and that should be perfect.

This year 2015 in November it will be 2 years since the start of my windsurfing journey and what a journey it has been.  You can read all about it in the posts in our website.  Feel free to join in and ad your journey – we love to hear about others and their adventures in learning aspects of windsurfing.

What a great sport

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