Another Fantastic Windsurfing Supping Holiday at Lake Cootharaba

Well there wasn’t any wind to speak of over 8 knots – got planing once and in both straps for one run on Stumpy (Fanatic Sting Ray TT 170) with Naish Noa 7.8m the wind came up for a little storm – then had to come in because of the Lightning, and as quick as it came it went.

We, Anita, Jaye and myself had an awesome time with great friends in an awesome location.

I had already decided that this week at the lake I was going to learn to gybe.

Day 1 after setting up Anita, Jaye and I headed out in very light wind conditions for a sail, when I realised that Anita was gybing.  “how come you can do that” I said, to which she replied “I am just turning around, not doing anything”.  Well there you go so day two on the water I firstly came out supping on the Pacifico to paddle with her as she sailed.  After watching my beautiful wife complete 6 successful gybes I decided to get a sail and sail with her and start my ‘Anita, learn to gybe school’.  Best thing I could have done – decided that I was going to do 25 successful gybes a day to try and implant some muscle memory.  Anita was on her Naish Kailua and happy as, to have it back – I was on the Pacifico – a long hard board to gybe (the harder the better).

My gybing journey began day 2 and Jeffrey came out to join in so we watched a few video’s he had found – sorted easy as, sail forward back arm back and sheet in foot across the downwind side (toeside) of the board.  Hips towards the centre of the circle look down the boom and we are away – oh and flip the rig.  In the non planing conditions I did pretty well firstly on the Pacifico with 4.5m sail.  Next days was with the 8.8m Naish GP which I struggled to get set – so became ‘Morgan 2 Cams’ for the remainder of the adventure.

All good on that board time to bring Stumpy out, Fanatic Sting Ray TT170 (155L) with the 8.8 and see how we go.  MMM that turns quicker – fell in a few times but managed to get my 25 successful gybes in and finally feeling it.  I am sure that will change in planing conditions but sub planing – think I have got it….

Out of the entire week I did manage to get planing once both feet in straps (no gps – was a storm had to rush out) Stumpy performed pretty well after nose job.  That was it for the week for planing – but a blast anyway.

Anita and I enjoyed a couple of nice mornings in perfect conditions supping the Pacifico and Jane’s Rio – was lovely.  Managed to get Jeff and Jane going on Supping (Stand Up Paddling).

Night we all got together for a debrief of the days events Jeff, Jill, Tammy, Kerry and I gybing practice, (poetry in motion) Max working on his short board skills (watch out Jaye here he comes), Jane – BIG SAIL 6.5m and harness practice coming on nicely. Andy was just trying to get a sail in when he could, wind permitting (he got lots of work done on the computer). Jack and Delmae also were there for a sail – Delmae out on the board sailing at the ‘School of Jack’ going really well.  Everyone seemed to have improved by the time we had to head home. HOW GOOD IS THAT! The improvers getting better and more understanding of this great sport 🙂

Jeffrey was doing his usual very helpful self and had all the learners gear out for anyone interested in having a go at windsurfing, even got a few out on the water.  There was someone out with some of Jeff’s gear every day.  Mate I take my hat off to you, the improvers group grows every time 🙂  Even in no wind conditions there was more than five of us on the water most afternoons.  Just having fun – who needs high winds to have fun………

Last two days were days of rest for me as I twisted my ankle.  Just walking from the bathroom – foot in erosion washout.  Foot up ordering Anita around — that was scary I can tell ya…

Jaye had a go of the Thommen F2  in light wind conditions he was up and planing in around 8 knots of breeze, nice.  Gave it a good review managed to clock 18.8 knots in very little wind and said it was comfortable to ride.  Sounds good

Our holiday at Lake Cootharaba was great because of the good company of really nice people.  We look forward to our next windsurfing adventure with you all again soon.




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