Another fantastic windsurfing holiday

We have just returned from another fantastic windsurfing holiday with great friends at Lake Cootharaba just north of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Two awesome weeks camping and windsurfing – Check it out even got a PB 27 knots how good is that I was chasing Scotty and Jaye – first year ever where I was able to chase people with some chance of keeping up – it was awesome fun.

Mal and I lamented that a year ago we couldn’t do that – even drag racing kinda each other at speed – AMAZING! I think we might actually be able to consider ourselves windsurfers now Mal 🙂 Now we are blasting across the lake at 20+ knots hot on each others tail – man it was only a short time ago it was who fell off the least got there first.

Mal and I learnt this great sport together out from Kite beach 3 years ago neither of us could make 100ft  without coming off, floundering around in the rough conditions there trying to uphaul. Look at us now

Jaye started around the same time as Mal but being a young person 15yo when he started – he picked it up in a season virtually. Great to watch him blasting with all the good guys out there on the lake.

I didn’t get any video the only one day I took the go pro it was flat as a tack……………….

The lake was the lake and some days were gusting to 25 knots and some just 10 to 12 – still had awesome fun with friends.

I was riding Stumpy (fanatic sting ray tt170 155L) with 42.5bp fin, most of the time – I could hang off her as much as I wanted and wouldn’t let go even hauling upwind both ways but, JP xcite ride 145L was letting go on the upwind southern run every time – no idea why.  Apart from that I didn’t really notice any significant difference between the boards. Clocked just over 25 knots on JP (‘the slider’) Tried 2 fins 45 BP type r and the 48 free ride that came with the board with the same results ‘spin out’. Must be the rider maybe – doesn’t do it on Stumpy – go figure???

Stats- water starts 90% only missed when not enough wind – uphauled no time to wait around for a gust, Harness all good, Planning – even managed to get Stumpy on the plane in light winds once or twice (happy days) must be finally working out a bit of technique.

If you are learning to windsurf don’t give up – it is worth persevering with as once planning and blasting along there is literally no other feeling like it…………. and a massive bonus it will keep you fit, healthy and help fight weight gain.  You can’t get much better than that 🙂

A few photos here





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