Another Great Day @ Lake Cootharaba

Everything just worked – set out with Stumpy – it didn’t look like much wind but was plenty as it turned out – in fact it was perfect for he 8.8m Naish Grand Prix and BP 42.5 fin. I moved the rear straps to the out board position again, after not being able to get to them without stacking for a while.  It was perfect straight onto the plane and into the straps both front and back and smashed out a 23.8 Knots WooHoo.

After a few runs I decided it was time to unleash the JP so headed in and set it up with a BP type R 45 fin I was boarder line over powered with the 8.8 but pulled more out haul on and went for it.

Meanwhile Jaye had come in and grabbed the new – yes brand new Severne Turbo Gt 7.0 to have on his JP free wave board. We had a blast drag racing each other and YEAH! he couldn’t catch me – very cool. Suffice to say the JP behaved itself for me and I had a blast – crikey 25.1 knots fun.

Happy with the JP – I know I should have tried a couple of gybes but one thing at a time learn the board first then back to working out how to gybe.  I just went to where I could still touch and water started each time.  That worked a treat.

Anyway a couple of photos for you



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