Another week of awesomeness at Elanda Point windsurfing

With only a week off we headed to Lake Cootharaba just a midge north of Noosa and WOW what a great week.

Day 1 Monday was a bit gusty but still got going on Stumpy with 7.8 Naish Noa – couldn’t get into the rear straps – Blah….

Day 2 Tuesday not so much wind – took the STumpy with rear footstraps moved inboard and Naish 8.8m sail out for a blast – got planning and in both straps and had a ball – GPS not working and didn’t turn Garmin watch on. oops

Day 3 Wednesday wind was a touch lighter so took the Naish Kailua 180l with Naish Grand Prix 8.8m sail out and clocked 21.5knots nice 🙂

Ben, Monique and kids arrived to join us for a holiday on the Lake – nice

Day 4 Wind still dropping so not much – took the Kailua and 8.8GP out again and had some fun

Day 5 Kailua again think I did all of 6knots here today

Day 6 Decided to take the Pacifico for a spin – was light winds and got a couple of decent fun runs in – should have bought it out 2 days before

Each day we retired to Morgs bar and grill for a debrief with the crew – windsurfing what a great sport not only good for the exercise but good for the mind and soul – already looking forward to Christmas

Had a fantastic holiday which is made extra special with our friends we share our windsurfing adventures.

The week went far too quickly but had a great time



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