Back in the water

DSCN1696Back in the water and looks like RQ beach at Manly – Brisbane this Saturday for a light wind sail. Looks like the tide is good for some water in the bay.  Why not I say. Woo hoo spring is upon us.

Its been three weeks since we have been in the water – hope we can still remember how to do it lol. 

Now where was I working on harness – getting the feel in various wind conditions without falling in…. that’s right front foot pointing forward to counter being thrown over the front of the board. Yeah I got this

Jaye well he is young and has it sorted

Anita was working on moving to a slightly larger, more responsive sail than the junior rig she has been using.  Time to pick up some more speed.

Awesome looking forward to it.

See you on the water



Didn’t make it – a late night for all the night before didn’t help

We are off to Lake Cootharaba this Friday for a windsurfing weekend woo hoo looking forward to it.   Lake Cootharaba is north of Brisbane located on the Sunshine Coast a large brackish body of water by the coast which is nice a shallow about 1.5 meters at the deepest.  Makes it perfect for windsurfing the event this week end is the start of Season bash for the Windwanders a Sunshine coast group of really nice and friendly windsurfers.

This will be our second season on the water windsurfing a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family.  There were only about 4 weeks we missed going out – that was because I stacked the RSX and it had water in it.  But after hanging it for three weeks and a helping hand from a fello windsurfer our RSX is back in action and better then it was woo hoo.  Bring it on.

14/09/2014 UPDATE

After a not so good session on the lake at Cootharaba last week end, Anita was about to give it all up and I wasn’t much further away from her – It was a weekend to forget when it comes to windsurfing.  Met some great people from Windwanderers group though.  A bonus was that Jaye smashed it on his mistral energiser 110 L old school board.

Yesterday, we went out off RQ Beach at Manly (Brisbane) and had a blast.  Not windy enough for Jaye but good for Anita and I

Anita – on the Naish 180L with her junior rig an hour on the water and didn’t even get her hair wet. Nice one. Blasting back and forward accross the front of RQ beach tacking well and above all smiling.

Me – RSX with the 7.5m Neil Pryde sail – had a little trouble getting the harness together at the start but got the hang of it and started having a blast. Interestingly I forgot to pack some crucial parts to put the centre board in, so no centre board – all good board still works a treat without it… I put the biggest fin on that I have the 66cm. No catapults woo hoo, nearly though on a number of occasions but held it together. No damage today nice change. Experimented a little with standing in different positions on the board and how it reacts – two inches back and starts heading upwind – doesn’t take much movement on the board to change the dynamics.

I managed to get in a few nice Tacks and Gybes – and some ugly ones but was very happy about the ones that worked and that was the majority. Fell off the first few but was good for the rest. Happy with that

I must admit, that’s what it’s all about – good for the mind, body and soul sitting back enjoying a Hahn Premium reflecting on our day on the water. I am aching from head to toe as is Anita – the beer is for medicinal purposes only

All in all a very successful day for advancing beginners


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