Bayside Slalom Event 15/11/15

Bayside Slalom event at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron – Thanks for the location.

What to set up – when we got there it was blowing around 10 to 13 but was building – I wanted to set up my loft 8.5 but lots of advice says 7.5 NP so that it is.  Went for a test run and phaar!!!  not so windy – was a little uncomfortable………I was on the Rio Longtail 259L with Neil Pryde 7.5m

First race off we go 30 odd competitors the race was on I took up somewhere around last position off the bat…… but seemed to have been lapped very quickly and I was in the thick of the action.  Tried to keep out of everyone’s way – hope I did ok here – didn’t hear any abuse so must have done ok.

Was a fun event look forward to the next one




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