What a blast at Wello Sunday 19.06.16

Jaye and I headed to Wellington Point for some awesome northerly windsurfing action, in the hope the promised wind would appear and it did…..:-)

We arrived about 10.30 am and there was a couple of guys out and heaps getting ready to go.  The wind was mild nothing like what had been promised in the forcasts.

The local boys have rigged 7’s so we decided to do the same.  I rigged the 7.8 Naish Noa on Stumpy 155L  with 42.5 bp fin and Jaye rigged Avanti 6.6m (falling apart:-( one of our favourites) on Naish Nitrix 135L with 37.5 bp fin.  Sounds like a good plan.  But as John said – doesn’t matter what you rigged today would have been right for part of it.

I was really under powered for 70% of the session spot on for 25% and grossly overpowered for the remainder. It all started setting up asked what everyone was rigging for the forecast.  All good spent a good 2 hours sub planning good for those light weights planning past.  Still technique will have helped.

I wore the helmet today to get some different angles of footage.  Lucky I did, because I managed to smack my head with the mast at least once and Jaye got me with his mast, thanks buddy lol (in the big winds) All good stack hat was in place, I was worried that smashed gopro but all good.  It looks very stylish with the dick hat on under I must say.  I might have to set up a windsurfing fashion thread….What do you reckon……

Jaye was similar – in fact we sat it out and watched.  Man the visibility was very poor – I was tempted to have a go but safety first – there were about 10 sailors blasting back and forward on the same track basically so safety first. 🙂




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