BoardCrazy 1Hour Windsurfing Event 1/11/2015

How cool was that.  First one hour windsurfing race event sponsored by Board Crazy Brisbane, put on by Bayside Sailboards, location Wynnum Brisbane Queensland.  If you didn’t get there you missed out.  With around 30 competitors – more sailors than I have every seen on the water.

Well a couple of issues for me – Will I be able to last the hour sailing a nautical mile course dodging the speedsters.  Well, I made the hour and don’t think I caused too much havoc.  That was a lot of fun – I must admit I was on the Rio Longtail – probably the slowest board in the field but, very stable, only fell in 3 times so may have made some ground.

Ben and Monique came along as rescue crew on their Jet Skiis – Thank you, much appreciated.

I went for a practice run before the start and oh oh fell in about half way between the markers – that’s not a good sign – was a bit bumpy out there at Wynnum.  I was a bit nervous about windsurfing somewhere i hadn’t before for the first time too.  Anyway just though I will stay out wide and keep out of everyone’s way.  Yeah right!  Whose idea was it to put the markers so you are sailing upwind the whole time – it felt like it 🙂

Watching the speedsters fly past is an inspiration to get this show on the road – might just have to work my way onto a smaller board.  Here is the thing – smaller board = falling off more = time lost up hauling, falling in etc.  I am aware that the next stage in my windsurfing adventure is to master a smaller board that goes a bit faster.

Hey Mal you did really well except when you took kookie out lol.  I think you must of lapped me mate – nice going.  We missed you Jeff, Tony & co. and AntsC – next time.

Suffice to say, it was a lot of fun




  • CTSeattle says:

    Do you think the Rio longtail is still a good beginner/intermediate light wind board? I live in Seattle, WA and considering either the longtail or Kona one for my first board (the starboard is about $300 cheaper). I’m 59, weigh 215 lbs, avid surfer, SUP.

  • Morgs says:

    Hi Chris – Rio Longtail is the best beginner learner board on the planet – big statement – I tried a few boards til I, with the help of Simon our local windsurfing guru put me onto the Rio Longtail. I didn’t look back and advanced to intermediate in no time. Woo Hoo 🙂

    I found the Rio, paddled well, surfed well and was just a great alrounder. I can’t recommend this board enough. Funny thing is I think I had the only one that came into Australia – go figure….

    Welcome to windsurfing learning curve – feel free to ask any questions – will help where I can


  • Morgs says:

    Hi Chris – What have you decided on?

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