Buying an RSX – Windsurfing Learning Curve

Learning to windsurf is tough, especially when it comes to buying gear.   Saturday I bought an RSX – I have used one a few times and find them a nice easy board to be learning on.  I guess because of the massive volume, around 220l make the RSX  a very stable board.  Not the cheapest board in the world but ok second hand which is how I bought mine..

The reason for buying an RSX is for learning on.  The RSX has a great wind range from 3 knots to 30 knots making it a board I can use in many situations.  I just want to learn to windsurf and many people are saying get on a smaller board – which I did for a while but seemed to go backwards in my progress. THAT SUCKED!! – so I have bought this board with a bigger volume and a dagger board for upwind sailing.  Two things bigger volume seems to offer me – 1. stability – which gives me more confidence on it and less time uphauling.  Less uphauling means more time on the water In other words I don’t fall off as often making the experience more fun. 2. I can just go for a ride to my level and have fun – and fun is what it is all about.  I also bought the 9.5m set up for the board a heavy sail but don’t need much wind to get planing.  Another good reason for buying an RSX.

RSX is made by Neil Pride and is technically a race board – not that I am going to race anyone.   I went out yesterday for the first time on our own rig here are a couple of photos.

RSX Manly 27/07/14

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