Windsurfing beginner equipment

Interesting concept buying windsurfing beginner equipment when you don’t have a clue – you really are at the lap of the Retailer’s gods.  This can be a minefield, I knew what I wanted so I first bought a Sup board with a sail track.  Good Idea – Six months later, I am still happy with that decision because it is fun to ride with the sail, I have put up to 7.5m sail, in up to 25knots of wind and had a lot of fun, and as a bonus, it is a great sup board, paddles nice and tracks really well.  It came with a 4.5m old school sail and boom – mast is pretty good.  The board a Mistral Pacifico is 200 Litres very stable and goes well.  I weigh in at 107 Kilos so need the stability  – at this early stage of learning the stability gives me confidence and enables me to have fun.  Mind you, everyone is telling me to get on a smaller board (which I did buy – (mistake at this point of my learning curve) that’s another story) “you have to stick with that one, you will get soo much better and advance rapidly in the sport. MMM not convinced with that at the moment and at my level, because on the Sup board and recently been using an RSX , I am having fun while learning the sport.  I think the best guide to buying windsurfing beginner gear is – do you want to have fun while you learn or do you just want to go hard and learn the small volume board first.  In my windsurfing learning curve I have decided after a couple of adventures on the small board I am going to stick with a large volume board and learn to windsurf.

Now, the sail being old school – even though small in size – it is a very heavy sail to up haul… something we beginners do a lot of plus some.  It did the job and got me started in this fantastic sport, windsurfing.


I handled the weight but both my sons didn’t and my wife definitely didn’t handle the weight , that in itself almost turned them off the sport.  This is a hard one, especially when you have no clue at all, not even slightly as to what it is you need to get going in the sport.  So just be careful what you choose at the start.  It is a hard sport to learn and gear can make a massive difference.  My older son bought a couple of second hand sails and we very quickly retired the old school sail.

To us the sail at that stage seemed so big HUGE in fact – Ben bought a 5.3m sail whoa hold on a minute that is even bigger than the 4.5 so with great trepidation we set up the sail and terrified, off we went.  Hey, to a beginner,  it was really scary to increase the sail size.  Long story short, we did it,  woo hoo, another milestone reached and a pat on the back for us this is December 2013.  This became our new go to sail for a while then it was a 6.4m step up.

This sail we are still enjoying

This sail we are still enjoying

Be careful what gear you start with – this is our windsurfing learning curve – what’s yours

Have fun on the water

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