Cracked 26 knots Jaye cracked 28

Had a awesome weekend – Headed up to Hervey Bay for the long week end (Anzac Day).

Andy, Jill, Tammy and Kerry – thanks for your hospitality we had a great time.

We arrived late Thursday unloaded and it was beers with the crew – nice to catch up. Anita rented a house across the road from Andy and Jill’s – WHAT! :-0 would you believe it, worked out very well we could stagger home after beers.  Just like Elanda lol

Friday slow start to the day – Smoko at Andy toy shop.  MMM, nice sponge with Jam and Fresh Cream perfect with a coffee.  Then played the tourist thing and had a good look around including a drive for lunch at Riverheads – Last time we went to River Heads was about 20 years ago.  A few slight changes…. No wind to speak of so no windsurfing today

Saturday – Andy says speed sailing at Burrum Heads, bit nervous but yep up for a go – Anita Andy and I headed up there, the wind was good.  Whoa there is a familiar face Glynn and Sue were there too very cool. Haven’t seem you guys for a while good to catch up and have a sail together.  Seems like there has been no NE’s this season.  Geoff came out later and we all had a blast – Anita sailed to the other bank and stayed there having a siesta on her board.  WELL DONE sailed over and didn’t fall over once.  I hit every sand bar on the way over with my 50 fin – so walking seemed like a better option. But once over there it was flat as – man I am glad Andy was there as expert tour guide – I wouldn’t have had any clue as to where to go.  No Photos chief photographer was siesta’ing on the beach.

Was a good day on the water I set up 8.8m on ‘Stumpy’ Fanatic Stingray 155l with a 50 fin.  My new favourite speed sailing board.  Made a couple of pb’s nice

Sunday – Wind is up in Hervey Bay but unfortunately the wrong direction so nothing else for it Andy says its back to Burrum Heads – Anita opted out today as wind was a bit out of her league.  We arrived and man everyone was there almost looked like a Boardcrazy v Moreton Bay mob v Gold Coast Speedsters team bash great to see everyone there.  Some big guns out Brad and Simon, Glynn and John, Cocky 2 looking very fast on the beach setting up Geoff set up something small and fast, and Dang if it isn’t our old mate Kurt from the Goldy, Hannu was set for speed.  There were a few others there great to see.  Most had sails in the 5m range. Almost felt like going to a free race was excellent.

The experts headed out to the outer bank and Andy took us novices out to the Northern Bank/run.  Andy, Ross, Jaye and I went out and had a blast, both Jaye and I getting Pb’s nice.  I even cracked the 25 knot barrier with a 26.3 knot pb Woo Hoo – I have been chasing for a few months.  Next it is gybing – which I might ad didn’t have to do as it was bank to bank – nice.  I had Stumpy with Avanti 6.6m sail and 42.5 BP fin.  Was a great opportunity to work on up wind skills – took some work to get back almost straight up wind – made it.

There was like 14 others on the outer banks all looking for pb’s as Ian said it was pb fever there on Sunday.

Then it was Monday and time to say our goodbyes and head home.  Traffic to Caloundra turn off was good but then it changed took two hours to get home from there, it was expected.

Another great windsurfing holiday/adventure in awesome location with good friends and great company.



Kind of strange have no repairs to do this time – Stumpy has held together 🙂

Lunch at River Heads IMAG0498 IMAG0490 DSCN6804 DSCN6797 DSCN6792 DSCN6787 DSCN6786 DSCN6784 DSCN6779 DSCN6778 DSCN6777 DSCN6775 DSCN6773


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