Elanda Point here we come

Windsurfing holiday at Elanda Point Lake Cootharaba – It’s 5am been up since 4.30am hoping to leave around 6 that should get us to Elanda around 9 – 10am depending if we make a stop.

Last windsurfing holiday was at Easter and it has been a long winter since then – long time between drinks as they say.  All our mates are either up there or coming up this week for a sail can’t wait to catch up.  I can here the hair spray and make up going on the boss/my beautiful wife Anita – that means I need to get a move on.

Keep an eye on this space for another fantastic windsurfing adventure – this time I would like to get Anita planing.  Ben is also coming up with his family and he intends to get planing too but, no Jaye he is heading to Stradbroke Island with mates – oh well to be 17 and independent

Have a good one



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