ENE at Wellington Point

Had a great light wind sail Saturday at Wello – most of the experienced boys were managing to get on the plane from time to time.

I spent nearly 3 hours on the water and enjoyed every minute – a touch frustrating that couldn’t get planning but there just wasn’t enough wind.

The age old question – what do I rig……………………………………………………………….

Forecast said 17 – 20 knots – the wind at the time about 10 – 11knots – I set up Stumpy with 45 bp 7.8 Naish Noa.

I spent the first 2 hours with this rig but decided to come in and get ‘the Pacifico’ and just have some fun

Worked on stance and how I hold the boom seems to be a bit wrong but looking good now I think.  Hands closer together and remember feet close together as well, front foot pointing forward, weight in the harness, front arm straight – push the boom away and look where you are going. Have been a bit in the habit of wide stance and wide grip, so check that, fixed….

What’s next – keen to get the season started on the right foot to progress as quickly as I can

Stats – first hour spent Gybing rather that tacking and amazingly didn’t fall off once (light wind), no planning (close but no cigar)

So lets recap – where am I up to this time last year I started the season on ‘The Rio Longtail’ 259L great board. This year starting the season on Stumpy 155L Fanatic Stingray around 2000 model, 2.5 m length now nose cut off by 80cm wide around the same as your Mistral John. This is the board I finished the season on last year and achieved my 26+ knots on at Burrum Heads with Andy and Jaye. I could tack in higher wind pretty well – gybe only in light wind (not game to try in heavier winds). I was ok at water starts in wind beach starts and deep water beach starts, sorted with getting into the harness.

So far I can

  • plane
  • front foot strap no worries – rear one a bit sketchy since I moved them out
  • tack kinda
  • gybe at low speed
  • get into the harness
  • water start (needs improvement)
  • beach start – tick
  • plane in windy conditions (over 15 knots) need to work on this technique of planning from 12 knots

Exiting times to start the year being able to do all of that stuff makes me keen to get out there and have a go.  In two weeks we are heading to Lake Cootharaba for a week of windsurfing fun



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