First run on the AtomIQ 160L

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Ok – well, I entered the water with great trepidation – my experience with a 160l board wasn’t so good.  Prepared to crash, crash and crash some more I headed into the water.   I set up the Loft 8.5m sail with the Drake 48 fin supplied with board.  To my absolute surprize I stepped onto the board and there was my first beach start successfully executed.  NICE!

I had decided that my best option was to stay in close – it was a nice onshore SSE so no worries if I ended up in trouble – just sit there and float back in.  Headed about 1k out and turned -first tack SPLASH… – I am in the drink.  That’s ok I wanted to see what it was like to up haul – stable as up haul no worries – check…. Man my hat stayed in the water so had to tack back twice to get it.

Made it out late Monday arvo for a short blast wind was around 15 to 20knots NNE 6.6 Avanti sail, 48 Drake fin, AtomIQ 160L  at Wellington Point.  Man I just couldn’t get the thing on the plane – close but no cigar.  Thanks John and Glynn for your valuable advice – bear away until I am on the plane then foot straps and point upwind.  Still couldn’t – perhaps I should have stayed with first choice a 7.5m sail.  I did get on the plane once – the board was wobbling wildly then went easy still going in the right direction but as soon as I tried the foot straps SPLASH!!! in the drink.

I find the board really stable easy to up haul on and get going – confidence building

Stats: Planing .5% , Gybes Sunday 50%, Tacks both times 90%, Deep water beach starts 90%, Up haul – a lot, speed took my GPS but no point in even looking wouldn’t have exceeded 10knots.

Really nice to have a sail at Wello – deffs our favourite location to sail.

Jaye came along as well and had a blast on the Naish Nitrix 135 with a 37.5bp fin and Naish 6m sail.  No GPS but had a blast smiles all round.

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