Fixed Ready for this weekend

Managed to find the sister to Jeff’s pink bits board but she was needy. Someone had made a repair that didn’t look good and it rattled so I was thinking that she may have been hollowIMAG0436


MMM what to do – I wasn’t sure what I was going to do so got the Hammer and Chisel out lets have a look see…….:-O

That’s not very nice – Note to self; don’t use the wrong stuff to repair your board

Thanks to Jeff giving me the name of the stuff to use – some two pack foam filler.


A bit of TLC and she will be good to go – Fanatic Sting Ray TT 170 litre the next stage in the Windsurfing Learning Curve maybe

A Bit of a sand and tidy up.











I will take her for maiden voyage this Saturday at RQ all going well

Weighs a lot less than the Naish, no centre board – bit like a real windsurfing board

I have the foot straps set in easy to get to locations front and back to start with – will move them back as required – can’t up extra straps on this one so will have to suffice with 4.

Have fun out there




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