Found my Windsurfing Mojo

Windsurfing at Lake Cootharaba

Found my windsurfing MOJO

Right now I am sporting a very sore hip and ankle – Why? Not really sure

Last time I was out, full noise or close to it back straps left hand and leg forward – I had massive pressure on my right leg and ankle to the point I had to come in.  mmm  new stuff……to figure out.

When I listen to the people who have been windsurfing for many years they all say get comfortable – there was nothing comfortable about that.  Any guesses on what was going on to cause such injuries.

Sailing with a great crew here at Cootharaba – Andy, Jill, Tammy, Kerry, Peter and Sam De Laet, Jeff, Jane and Max, Kellie, Peter from Bribie, Denton, Lungs, Duncan, Greg (Townsville), Richard and Sue from Bundaberg, Burnie, Jaye of course – nice to be able to stay with him for a change….. a few newbies out there this time as well man the lake was busy with sailboards NICE

Anyway I have been having an absolute blast the penny finally dropped – my goal was to crush the 20.98knots I had achieved last January 14 in 30 knot winds on the Rio Longtail – I have been trying to bust it since then.

Christmas day went out to get this done and ended up with a 20.7 knots pretty happy with that, Naish Kailua loft 8.5 S11 Back straps a few times – was struggling to get on the plane at the start but after an hour or so had it organised.

Boxing Day – 18.27Knots 8.5 loft sail Naish Kailua and s11 fin nice planing runs back straps. The day was much like the previous and bit of chugging with some nice planning runs amongst it

Then the wind came……


27th Monday by passed 21 straight to 22.4knots Naish Kailua, Avanti 6.6 and 41 fin taken twelve months nearly but got there – 23knots next.

28th Tuesday wind is still here – woohoo really trying to work on my technique – with the wind there was no trouble getting going in fact I could get on the plane with my feet already in the straps – TOO COOL.  Just showing off now lol. But still not getting into back straps all the time Andy applying some pressure to lose my safety straps (front back straps) These are my security blanket or training wheels so to speak.  I chose to leave them on will put some footage up when I get home of the foot strap shuffle.  Richard also started to give some good advice on boom height and harness strap length mast foot location – which I tried and hey presto 22.4 must have worked. He also let me have a go on his Bic 160L – nice thanks mate.

29th Thinking I may have been reaching the boards limits – must admit it felt a bit like it but on Wednesday after some repairs to the tarp over our camp site which had been copping a caning in the blustery winds.  22.8knots and climbing

Really starting to work on Technique I seem to have too much pressure on back foot. Need to find out what to do to get comfortable – getting on the plane ok not early but getting there on the Naish.

Greg (Townsville) offered me a go on his F2 Xantos 139L in the winds with a 6.5 ezzy managed to get it on the plane but did seem like taking a water ski for a sail though lol.  Richard also let me take his Bic 160 for a blast – Nice..

30th 23.1 knots seem to getting fairly consistent with the 20+ stuff.  I am liking this J

31st 23.6 knots Avanti 6.6m, Naish Kailua 41 fin. This is the run I am talking about at the top. I started to experience some spin out so pulled up and made some adjustments – mast foot forward to front, boom up and harness lines shorter.  Seemed to fix the spinout not sure which one or if it was the combination.


Whilst it was excellent doing those speeds it was rather uncomfortable – back hip and ankle canned.

1st 22.4 Knots Naish Noa 7.8m sail

Then there was no wind for 6 days but after like 9 days of straight windsurfing

7th 21.4 Knots Loft Switch Blade 8.5m, Naish Kailua 180L 41 fin – in marginal conditions but managed to get planning, with a couple of good long runs in the morning and Gybing practice in the afternoon.  In between times Andy had encouraged me to remove my training straps and Greg from Townsville and I talked about moving front strap back 1” – I had forgotten about doing this and had no problems.

Some experimenting going on today Mast track all the way forward – was getting on the plane fairly easily in the gusts.  Pulled in and moved it back a bit and what a difference – couldn’t get on the plane.  Moved it maybe 2cm so fixed that – put it back.

I nearly got planning on a 122 Futura but a bit of a sinker for me

Now I think I have found the solution to the sore hip thing – 100% commitment to harness and keep both knees bent slightly to take the impact from chop away from joints.  No sore hip or ankle today – Nice J

Last day today – Pack up time

I must say that this was the best windsurfing holiday of all time for us so far.  There were so many really nice people there windsurfing all of whom made the holiday exceptional.  Some travelled as far away as Townsville. If you get a chance to get to Elanda Point for a windsurfing adventure do so because it is great.  Elanda Point is on Lake Cootharaba just north of Noosa.  Looking forward to our next holiday there in Easter.

Some videos coming…….

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