Here at Cootharaba

First couple of days have been pretty light a great opportunity to get out and practice light wind gybing all good but not so when the wind builds.

First couple of days I took the Pacifico out, now named P&O cruise liner by the Cootharaba crew, with the 8.8m Naish Grand Prix.

Anita spent some time on the water on Monday and was looking good. Bit sore now she said not used to it – more time on the water we say.

Tuesday was the best wind for the holiday so far – probs around 15 knots however it was very up and down so hard work.

Gybing didn’t work out too well in quicker conditions yesterday hooked up the GPS device and clocked 22.7 knots at one stage – happy with that but it was hard going with huge holes in the lake with no wind.

For my progress happy I got going in light gusty conditions with Stumpy the Fanatic Stingray cut off 155L or should say 152L – probs lost a couple of litres.

Water starts in the gusts where good but had to uphaul in the lulls. Gybes – out of control lol, Harness and foot straps good as gold.

Moved the footstraps out on Stumpy – see how we go with them back out – keen to have a go as I remember it was a good ride with the straps out.

After 4 days on the water feeling a little trashed – but will head out this afternoon for a run – going to take both boards out Stumpy and the JP xcite ride 145 and take her for a spin.

The breeze has turned to a southeasterly and seems more stable today – hoping for a ripper today.

Here are a couple of photographs from yesterday thanks to Anita



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