Learning to windsurf

I had been learning to windsurf for around 16 weeks at this stage and Jaye for 6 weeks – not bad.  Here we are at Victoria Point in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – great place in a southerly.  On the 8th of March 2014 I was still struggling with the harness.  This day I was on the Mistral Pacifico wind sup 6m Severn synergy beginners rig blasting away 12 to 15 knots. Here is a report on the day from all of us straight from journal – I am really lucky so I am told that all my family – wife and 2 sons are learning as well. Anita – had a go in the morning with the kids rig 3m and the Naish 180 and did well – I am pretty sure will be having another go today (Sunday 9th) and we did go again

Jaye – Naish 180l and 5.3m Ka sail and was smashing it with the Harness and straps – good man but gf there so was a bit distracted lol

Morgan (me) – Mistral Pacifico with 6m Severne Synergy sail. I felt pretty good about my session yesterday by the end I was getting the harness hooked on most of the time woo hoo (had some epic stacks though, bent my boom a little – no match for this heavy weight lol) Got my front foot in once heading south but seemed to stall maybe the wind dropped. Back foot seems to be quite comfortable getting to the strap both ways. We took some photos yesterday at Thompsons will put them up

Here is our first little video – or our windsurfing – learning to windsurf is tough but we are getting it woo hoo 🙂

?????????? Harness on

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