New Racks for the windsurfing gear

Man, it has been a struggle – where to put everything – this windsurfing gig is very material intensive especially if there are four of you doing it.

I started windsurfing just over a year ago and thought it would only be myself much to my surprise I am lucky enough that my 15yo son, 29 y0 son is getting into it, my wife is making great progress and myself.  WOW that means sooooooooo much gear.  The Delica is full, the trailer is full and stuff all over the shed and back bbq area.  Not allowed to put gear inside the house.  I thought I was on a winner with the boss progressing well but this sh@#$t has to be tidied up!!!!  I guess that is what happens when the bug hasn’t bitten to its full extent.

No wind this week and still on holidays sorted!!!!! 🙂 Brownie points or WHAT!! 🙂 another smiley face for sure for that














Even earned a beer – Lucky me boss likes a beer too – we worked really well together to complete this task

Jaye and Ben just dropped by and said Morgs windsurfing shop lol – sorry only RSX for sale (that may only be for a limited time) – there is a shelf for it

Anyway enjoyed working with my beautiful wife to create an awesome storage facility for all our gear……

see you out there






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