Nice Bonus sail at Golden Beach


First day on a board in September 2013 at Golden Beach – Lesson with Colin

What a nice weekend I had with all my beautiful people my family.

Saturday was birthday with the crew and Sunday we went to Golden Beach (Saffron couldn’t make it too busy setting up her new life – you go girl)

Sunday we headed to Golden Beach with some boards (sup) and his Jet Ski (Morg’s personal rescue crew)

I packed 2 sup boards and just in case through JP 145 in – didn’t end up using it.

Ben and I went up and put the Jet Ski in the water and went straight out over the bar and out for a look see…… that was fun.  Came in for a paddle to see if there was any wind – he had Charlette and Braedyn on board trainee rescue crew lol.

Golden Beach would have to be one of my favourite locations to go windsurfing – with it’s flat water, sand banks to pull up on and nice people who windsurf there..  There was some wind so what is a man to do – 8.8 Naish Grand Prix and the Pacifico with 37.5bp fin.  Seemed to work for the day and conditions, first time I have ever made it to the foot straps on the Pacifico (different experience).  I made 25 adjustments before getting it right and had a reasonable ride.  Garmin says 16.9 knots at the time but wouldn’t upload to Ka72 – I tried a new app but mustn’t record a fit file.

Mast foot all the way forward – moved it 3 times and ended up about half way (only moved it a cm at a time), Harness pulling to the back hand – moved it 3 times before it was right (cm at a time), Harness lines were too short so lengthened them (only once), Boom was ok height. And BINGO into the straps I went in one of the gusts – that is a lot of board out of the water in front.  I left stumpy at home as I didn’t think there was going to be any wind.

Had a fun day for sure – there were 6 to 8 of us out at the best of it

See you out there





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