No wind so it was the Gym this week

Gym and fitness time – one thing I realised when moving and maintaining 26 knots is that my fitness still has a ways to go.

This week I have gone to the gym 4 times and created some of my own workouts – Ankle is still tender.

How is this for Saturday (Should have been windsurfing)

Unfortunately no wind so it is off to the gym

Morgan’s sore ankle workout – Warm up on the bike thing,

No wind Saturday

  • Super set
    • Row narrow grip – 3 sets of 15
    • Shoulder pull down wide grip – 2 sets 15 and 1 of 25 light weights
  • Set 2
    • Quad Extension – 3 sets of 15
    • Bosa ball balance push up – 3 sets of 12 (full pushups too not old man push ups I used to do)
  • Set 3
    • Back leg muscle machine thing – 3 sets of 15 medium weight
    • Squats – 2 sets of 15 not all the way down stayed comfortable
  • Set 4
    • TRX pull ups – 3 sets x 12
    • sit ups with 10 kg ball full extension and touch ball between feet – 3 sets of 12
    • Plank 3 x 1 minute

Warm down on the Treadmill – a mild walk and a bit of a run to see how Ankle is – whoops shouldn’t have done that…..

Next weekend even if there is no wind going to go for light wind sail





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