No wind No windsurfing

On the water, Brisbane River - South Bank, Brisbane

At least made it on the water

No wind so no windsurfing last week end – doesn’t look like we will be on the water this weekend

Brownie points – I took my beautiful wife Anita to town for the week end.

Friday night after work I get home and say no wind so lets hit the town for the week end.  Boss says “bad idea” it was like cyclonic conditions outside, Brisbane was in the middle of a massive monsoon so driving anywhere wasn’t the smartest thing I have done but why not.  Threw a couple of things in a bag and off we went – the traffic was horrendous but very slow moving which in light of the conditions was good.  Finally we made it to the Brisbane inner city and checked in and beer out quick – Nice

Saturday – the day was perfect, sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky – Petal is keen on going to the mall shopping for the day – sounds good to me – there is still no wind hehe.  First stop a lovely walk along Eagle st Board walk looking for somewhere to have breakfast – mm stopped and had a look but not so impressed and a bit hard to go passed the smells from a cafe we encountered on the way – so back there it was to be.  Yummy breakfast it was too – bonus.

From there it was a long walk to the Queen St Mall – which was really quiet when we got there as it was still quite early – that changed by lunch time.  Had to set a plan – no shopping too soon don’t want to carry stuff all day – opps had to buy something so yes carrying stuff all day lol.  Had to be done.

After an enjoyable morning of window shopping we decided to take a tour of the City Hall – took about an hour and was very interesting after that, we had a look at the current exhibitions held in the city hall and they were great.  I remember it when I was young my mother was always doing something there or organising some events and it was nice to go through with a guide and hear about the history etc.  We were going to do the clock tower tour as well but it was booked for hours, next time.  After the tour we found somewhere for lunch did some shopping and back to our room for some well earned beer and red wine.  A very pleasant day finished with an excellent meal at an Indian restaurant the name of which too hard to even attempt – very hard to recommend. But wait – Mr Google has found it for me ‘Indian Mehfil’

Sunday, a day at South Bank awesome – there was a festival going on, Budha’s birthday nice so lots going on good food – good entertainment – great company all the makings of a lot of Brownie points.  Seeing a little bit of a breeze on the river from South Bank I started to wondering why no one has set up a demo/race on the river as part of a summertime festival.  I remember a few years ago they did a Wake Boarding demo and comp looked very impressive from South Bank and the city.


We like to play tourist a few times a year right here in our own back yard Brisbane – I think people forget to do that – it is such a nice city to poke around in tourist mode – the mall – the river – southbank – great eating – great shopping and perfect weather. And we got to get out on the water on the free ferry – what more would you want.  We had a really nice day wandering around finished off by coffee and feet up at apartment as we had late check out at 5pm – never heard of that before we jumped on it.

Saturday 20515 in city




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