Overpowered Saturday windsurfing session

Yep sure ended up being overpowered – but a great session

I decided to rig Stumpy (fanatic sting ray 155l) for the day, old faithful, with 7.8m Naish Noa, black project 42.5, the wind was 18 – 20 and picked up at the end  – was perfect early in the sesh.

Armed with my canmore (gps device) and Go Pro off I went – it looked a bit rough but what the hell.  Ella was packing up as we arrived and said it was good – Mal was coming in as I was heading out and said it was good, at bit bumpy but good.

Beach start from thigh deep water and away we go, a couple of wobbles point down and we are on the plane – that is what we are talking about. Front foot in straight away – back straps are giving me a little trouble this season – I did move them forward a couple of sessions before to make it easier to get into.  That worked and I was in – had to turn up wind to slow down and get my balance bang we are in and away. I do love the acceleration you get once in both straps, it is exhilarating – plus you can relax a bit and just go for a ride.   Best thing I did to move the straps in on Stumpy – I did like them on the outboard position not as hard on my ankles.

I blasted out half a kilometre – being a bit cautious these days – didn’t even attemp a gybe or tack Tooooooooooooooooo rough just dropped in the water and then it was attemp to up haul which didn’t go so well but plenty of wind means water start (good idea) water started easy enough and away we went heading back.  Nice…..:-) Ran out of breath so had to have a puff so had to fix that.

Back out again and it was great, deep water beach start straight up onto the plane in the harness front foot done in a matter of seconds, settle in then back strap for lift off. The Noa was a bit of a hand full but comfortable enough.

Water starts became more of a challenge as the session went on and wind picked up. There were a couple of times I just couldn’t get the sail right in the water, wrong side – wrong way around,  and one time ended up with the mast strait down.  All due to the conditions, a bit much wind and very rough.  I was out there for an hour and a half before it became too much to handle with the 7.8 smiles all round.

Accept there was a bit of a kerfuffle with a windsurfer and kiter, sad day really when it becomes an aggressive thing – it was very crowded with a lot of windsurfers and a lot of Kite boarders, you can see in the photos, it was great to see so many out on the water having a blast.

Stats: Harness – 99%, front straps – 99%, back straps – 90% (I missed them on one completely overpowered run in), planning – most of the time, gybes – 0, tacks – 0, Up haul 30%, water start 70%

All in all a great session at Wellington Point







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