Back in the water

Back in the water and looks like RQ beach at Manly – Brisbane this Saturday for a light wind sail. Looks like the tide is good for some water in … Continue Reading →

This weekend on the water

This weekend on the water  – What happened on the water this weekend — stuff and some weird stuff but had some fun. Saturday went out at Manly in Brisbane’s … Continue Reading →

Learning to windsurf

I had been learning to windsurf for around 16 weeks at this stage and Jaye for 6 weeks – not bad.  Here we are at Victoria Point in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia … Continue Reading →

Windsurfing beginner equipment

Interesting concept buying windsurfing beginner equipment when you don’t have a clue – you really are at the lap of the Retailer’s gods.  This can be a minefield, I knew … Continue Reading →

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