Race day at Rose Bay Manly

Race day at Rose Bay Manly Qld. Whoa…. Holy Doooley am I unfit

Turned out to be a good day – winds were up 20+knots and it was bumpy – some guys out racing and some out bump and jumping and having a ball

Jaye came out on his 135 Naish Nitrix, 6m Naish sail and 37.2bp fin – prob should have gone out on the F2 85l and had a ball – nearly pulled off his first planing gybe.

Me, well I was just trying to stay on the board.  Fanatic Stingray 155l , Avante 6.6m sail and 42.5 BP fin. After the first run realised how unfit I really am for windsurfing – fore arms started canning almost immediately (need to work out what is good for that).

Footstraps – when I first went out every time I tried for the rear straps a catapult I would go – so decided to go in and move them back to the centre positions.  BINGO!….. Every run after, just about every run accept one, got a bit cocky and missed SPLASH.   I was back in the straps and feeling pretty good – so much more secure – like a security blanket really.  Needless to say, after my last Wello adventure I wasn’t venturing out too far. Lets put it down to confidence building

Another thing I did today, which I am a bit slack with was stop and make some adjustments to make it betterer. I moved the Harness lines toward the front as they were pulling that way and the boom a few times til it felt comfortable and I stopped popping out on the swell.  Man that is annoying coming out of the harness lines travelling in excess of 20+knots – I shortened them and moved the boom up.

Stats – Waterstart/deep water beach starts – 100%, Uphauling – 0, Planing most of the time, GPS speed – 22.9 Knots, Gybes – 0 (too scary), Tacks – 0 (too scary), Foot straps – 85%, in Harness – 95%, Stacks – yep :-), Fun – yep

One thing I did realize afterwards, was that I actually could have had a smaller board – there was enough wind to waterstart/deep water beach start every time.  I didn’t uphaul once, but stumpy gets a bit flighty in those conditions.

See you on the water



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