RQ Beach Saturday 16

Heading back to RQ Beach today

Everyone turned up – there was Mal, Tony, Jeff, Bob and AntC came down for a look.  Was excellent to get all the improvers together again

Got pretty smashed but  would just like to say I went the fastest I have ever gone on the Pacifico yesterday standing on the fin was pretty cool – didn’t have any foot straps on to get in – oh well.  Did a stack of water starts – it was a good day to practice those.  But plenty of walking to get back to RQ Beach though – it was the only way to get there.

For the record – I would like to say I took the Fanatic Shark 165l for a quick spin with the ezzy 6.3m sail.  Was interesting – even did a water start on it sort of anyway.

Back to the Pacifico and away we go – I think the 6.3 was probably a bit big for me yesterday – I still had it rigged wrong Peter De Laet stopped by and was very kind to help me rig it correctly.   Nice to see Peter De Laet (Wind Wanderers) who popped in for a visit.

Jaye – went out on the Fanatic shark and his new Maui 4.7m wave sail.  He got smashed and came in – didn’t spend too much time on the water – but I must say he looked the part.

Anita – Too windy – something to look at with the Peters at the clinic at Elanda point later in the month

Have fun every one and hope you guys from bayside have a good race – tried to talk Jaye into it but not this time.








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