Light wind bash windsurfing Weekend

Went out Saturday with a few of the guys – nice breeze and lots of white caps when we arrived but by the time we set up ….. gone!

There was a couple who made it in and got a planing run woo hoo.  I was still on the beach wrangling the Naish 8.8 my now, least favourite sail.  Great sail to use but Sheet sail to set up.  This time lost two cams – we tried some different cams to see how they work and they DIDNT!  Just kept sailing.  Today not even going to take it with me.

Need to collect my Loft Switch Blade and go back to it I think – will pop in to Simon’s and get old cam back with missing balls and go back to Morgan 2 cams for the moment.

Sunday at Bongaree at Bribie Island with the family and inlaws had a great day – not much wind but I set up the Avanti 6.6m with the Pacifico Whoa there is some decent swell there.  Felt like a beginner again falling off a bit, in my defence there was a bit of boat activity and not enough wind to hold me when I lost balance.  There was only one thing for it grab a paddle and go for a Sup





Sat 16.04.16 RQ


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