Saturday almost Windsurfing @ Wello – Rough as


Phew!!!!!!!!!!!! What the………………I don’t seem to be able to windsurf anymore

Saturday at Wellington Point Brisbane – Northerly, yep should be some flat water. Not only was there no flat water but there was massive amount of water (big tides) couldn’t touch anywhere.

Ready to go – set up the Jp xcite ride 145l – one of the guys at Wello commented ‘man what a big board’, that is a matter of opinion.  I said ‘no mate it is tiny’ – perspective, isn’t it amazing – for me is a tiny board. I don’t seem to have been able to get going this season. How much does that suck……………………..

Ok, so what happened on Saturday – I set up JP with 42.5bp fin and Avanti 6.6m sail ( I seem to set up conservatively these days) I am thinking I may have been a touch underdone – didn’t get planning at all. Confidence level out the window as I sailed out, not too far thankfully and couldn’t get back on the JP – drifted till I could touch and walked in. Time for a lesson.

Came in and set up Stumpy with 45 bp and same sail – still underdone – so just focused on staying on the board in rough conditions and regaining some confidence. Did manage a half planning run, front foot in. Not really understanding what is going on with my windsurfing – need to suck it up and get this show going.  Too much fun I am missing out.

Last night (Wednesday 26.10.16) I went to listen to Ben Severne talk at Simon’s Board Crazy it was great to have the opportunity to listen to his stories and reflections to why he was making great sails.  (not that I have any)

Looks like I will be working 6 days a week from next month – so that doesn’t help much does it..  Time on the water they say – well it will be one day a week for a while – just have to make it worth while.

NNE tomorrow – Wello or Golden Beach – that is the question

HooRoo – see you next week



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