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??????????You know it is very difficult to get me to like another board other than the Mistral Pacifico that I use as my go to board.  Simon from Board Crazy in Brisbane has taken the challenge and sent me on a mission to see what I think of this beast.  The Starboard Rio Longtail 265L wow that is big, should be stable.  The problem we portly people have is we tend to move our weight around too much. To find windsurfing gear that is suitable is a task – the worst part is when you settle on something and get it on the water and can’t ride the thing because it is too unstable.  That sucks big time.  If we continue with the sport we are inevitably going to end up a second board.

First outing – RQ beach Manly, wind seemed to be gusting 5 to 12 and up to 16 later, in other words all over the place.  First impression is it is very stable I am sure two people could dance on there and it still not tip – nice.  For a larger person stability is something that doesn’t seem to be that easy to find out there.  Stability = comfort = confidence = more time on the water = sticking with the sport 🙂

I rigged the 6.6m Avanti sail with the standard fin that comes with the board.  Took about ten to twenty minutes to get my footing and everything in the right place except the foot straps.  There are a good number of foot strap positions – I clearly chose the wrong ones to start with at my level.

A couple of positives I noticed – no idea why, maybe because the board is quite a bit wider to the Pacifico, but when I hit the Jelly fish and started slicing and dicing whilst the Pacifico comes off the plane the Rio didn’t. Nice 🙂  Also at one stage I was planning nicely (I thought so) came into a lul and stayed on the plane maybe technique not the board (a couple of briefs from Simon thanks mate) it felt way cool.  Did manage to fall off amongst the Jellies but conveniently landed on the sail so shimmied up to the board. Phew….

Stats: Beach Starts 75% (was knee deep in mud at dead low tide yukk!), Tacks 99% (fell off first one new board lol), Gybes tried 3 and successfully completed 2 woo hoo, Planning no problems at all and the Starboard Rio Long Tail felt like it was faster that the old Pacifico when it was game on,  Harness 99%, Water starts 25%, smiles yep, I even managed both foot straps twice for about 2mins but made it – I will move them to the 2nd back positions as that was where my feet were most of the time.

There is one more thing I would like to ad – I CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT BACK IN THE WATER AGAIN 🙂

Mal wanted a go so off he went with a smile from ear to ear – nice…

Simon at Board Crazy has a couple of these boards for rental/sale – If you are a learner or have a friend wanting to learn, beginner or intermediate big person go grab one and take it for a spin

See you out there




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