Sunday Windsurfing at Golden Beach

Wind Wanderers Social at Golden Beach was nice, with a good crowd turning out for the occasion – the wind was up a bit in the morning.

Jeff had a couple of newbies on the scene – never windsurfed before and they did really well on his beginners gear – a credit to you Jeff helping these guys get going.

Anita rigged the Naish Kailua with gun 4.7m sail and Nitrix 42 fin, and had a bit of a blast.  Very hesitant to trying the harness – all the harnesses we have are really big – need to get a light weight less bulky harness for her.  Is that possible

I rigged the Rio Longtail loft 8.5m sail and 50 fin – had a couple of ok runs and Anita suggested swapping – so we did I put the Loft on the Naish and she put her gun sail on the Rio. Had the Go Pro but unfortunately battery went flat really quick must have to charge them just prior to going out……yeah?  Bummer because the very next run I went on I got the Naish up on the plane and in foot straps – NICE :-).  Man it is so much easier to handle on the plane than the Rio Cruise liner.  Note to self to learn how to water start so I can move on to the next Chapter in the windsurfing learning curve and move to a lighter more comfortable board.

Was a fun day – always a nice day with the Wind Wanderers group 🙂


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