The Foot Straps Shuffle

The Foot strap shuffle Jeff and I have discussed this on a number of times – both of us trying various boards to get planning and into the straps.

For some reason I was unable to ride the Naish 180l for two years – hard to understand these days – in light winds yes I could ride the board and tack and sometimes slowely gybe.  Anita commandeered the board because she was very comfortable on it.

The Pacifico – where I started has foot straps which as I progressed everyone said you have to get off the pacifico – so I did and bought an RSX – bad plan as the foot straps are soo extreme I could never get anywhere near them.  After a few months of persevering with the RSX – it was back to the Pacifico now planing and trying to get to the straps (no way for me).

ENTER THE RIO LONGTAIL – 259L board (google it) Thanks Simon, awesome board for learning – first day I took this board for a run at RQ beach my local haunt I was in the straps and planning.  Woo Hoo this is the board for me – for the next twelve months that is the only board I rode – moved the straps and finally got to the rear straps every time I took the board out.  It is just technique – this as a learner you need to understand – the only way you figure out the technique is time on the water.  I took this board out in all kinds of winds from 5knots to 30+ woo hoo hang on.

I had all the straps in – firstly the beginners straps and intermediate’s.  That’s right i was riding with 4 straps on – figured that they used to do in the 80’s so why cant I.  Firstly worked my way to the intermediate straps all the time and excitedly relocated the beginner straps to the advanced holes.  I must admit it took months and at first I thought I was never going to get to them – but with perseverance, I did :-).  Happy as. Time for a smaller board

ENTER THE NAISH KAILUA 180L ‘Whoa never going to get to those out board rear advanced straps’ – but not one to give up, I started with the straps all the way in the forward position, no rear straps – about three months ago now.  It didn’t take me long to get to the straps and planning – acceleration plus:-) – about 2months ago added the rear straps to the board –  I was out for a week at Elanda and made it to them once.  OK THEN ITS DOABLE man I was so excited.  Then I had a day where I couldn,t make the Naish work at all. Couldn’t even get on the plane and lack of knowledge got all (sell it all )- even had a go at Peter who had helped me a lot, sorry mate.  Went back to the Rio for a month or so.

Just for the record got back on the Naish 2 months ago and haven’t looked back.  I have only supped the Rio – Anita’s board now

My experiences with the foot straps are from falling off because can’t get my foot out fast enough to being ripped out of them (unpleasant experience) being totally overpowered.

Ok so what happened since then – as I said all foot straps are on now in the forward position.  First month didn’t even try for the rear straps until the videos.  My target for the Christmas break at Elanda point – Lake Cootharaba was to get to rear straps – success.  I am still missing them and rounding up and crashing but I must say it is not often these days.  Andy was daily encouraging me to remove the trainer straps — so I did – all good 🙂 see video with and without.

The feeling of acceleration is what it is all about – once in the rear straps and hooked into the harness it seems to be all go from there and the feeling of acceleration is exhilarating

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