The start of something good

Here is a little video of how I got to start using the foot straps – didn’t seem to mater where I put them it just didn’t quite work – so I figured I would put all of them on.

Got comfortable in front straps for a while then moved front foot to back strap – narrow stance but got used to it – was very happy with my progress to the rear front strap.  This all took place over probably 6 months.  I persisted with getting front foot into back strap til it became almost second nature.  I did have a go at the back one on occasions but it did take 6+ months before it was natural, with enough wind.

If you are struggling with foot straps – put all of them on, work on the easiest ones first then work your way to the back front strap and front rear strap til you get used to it then work on that back rear strap, most importantly stick with it and persevere. It is like becoming one with the board and sail in a synergistic relationship that just works.

Feel free to ask any questions or come and join us – see app ‘windsurfing fun’ both Android and Apple




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