A week at Elanda Point and refreshed

A windsurfing adventure at Elanda Point with some great people.

We arrived on Saturday morning around 10am and everyone was there and pitched in with the tarp (thanks guys and girls much appreciated).

Once camp was set and lunch done a few puffs of wind came through and it was a FRENZY……………of guys and girls getting rigged to get out on the water.

It was fluky but doable a few of the good guys and girls were planing a lot of the time – I managed 2 really good runs across the lake and for the first time shut the gap on the deck with the sail. Everything was just right – I was on Stumpy with Naish 8.8 (favourite sail now……. Peter C showed me how to rig it) with a 50 bp fin – did touch in the middle a couple of rocks out there and the water level was a bit low.

The rest of the week was marginal conditions – but most of us got out on the water and had a play around most days.  The best thing about having a week at Elanda is catching up with great friends and generally talking windsurfing stuff for a week, a few beers, good conversation and relaxing time.

Great to see so many newbies on the water especially our wives and kids – Great work to the Dads making it happen


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