This weekend on the water

This weekend on the water  – What happened on the water this weekend — stuff and some weird stuff but had some fun. Saturday went out at Manly in Brisbane’s Bayside was a good weekend of it the wind and tides were just right for us beginners.  My wife Anita and my youngest son Jaye came out too.

Anita – had Naish Kahlua 180l with an old wave sail 4.5m the green and purple.  We didn’t rig it right and it was a bit of  a flop of a day for her but Anita still had fun she said.  Sunday was too windy for her so she took a couple of photos.

 The race is on??????????DSCN1756

Jaye my 15yo came out both days – nice – he is coming along sooo fast it is great to watch.   Saturday he had the RSX board with the 7.5m neil pride (red) setup weighs in at around 60kgs we had a bit of wind and he was flying. Sunday the wind was up a bit we had a friendly debate on who is getting what sail. Dad won and got the 7.5m neil Pride. Jayewent for the 6.6 Avante sail and smashed it again. You go bud. Getting into the foot straps is a complete mystery to me how you get the sail racked back and feet in straps. But did end up standing on the foot straps a twice woo hoo. Ok this weekend on the water something weird happened – I got the RSX going faster than I had before pretty impressed, especially as though I am in the harness and no signs of falling off BUT….. the heal side rail rose out of the water like the board was possessed or something – I could see both the centreboard and fin almost all the way out of the water……???? Another great week end on the water

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