What good windsurf session at Wello

First of all a big shout out to Rogelio and his wife – bought the starboard Rio’s and away they go. Looking like they are in the Harness and foot straps already….Nice

Sunday headed to Wellington Point out from Brisbane for a windsurf – I have been windsurfing for 3 years now and must be a slow learner, because I have had some really bad runs this season. Last 4 to be exact – annoying as, I seemed to finish last season on a bit of a high – smaller board Fanatic Stingray 155L, named ‘Stumpy’ because I cut the nose off, (previous year I started the season on the famous Rio Long Tail 259L – best learner board on the planet for someone with some weight). I guess I have progressed when you take a hundred litres out of the equation.  I also started last year at 108Kilos this year at 100 nice.

It is the end of October and the season has begun with some pretty unpleasant runs – which I must say, has dented my confidence in a big way.  Ranging from falling off in 25 to 30knot gusts off Wello and struggled for nearly an hour to get back smashed and broken.  It was rough, the wind was going the wrong way and I know I shouldn’t have gone on that side of the bank, but it was smoother.  I ended up over a kilometer from shore couldn’t touch drifting away from land (important note – did make it back – a fellow windsurfer came to see if I was ok) NOTE to self and all learners – don’t go out in off shore breeze.

The other times I just couldn’t get planning except for last week end where I tried a smaller board JP xcite ride 145L and crashed and burned – luckily not so far from land and the breeze was on shore so once I realized I wasn’t getting back on the board I floated to land and swapped it for Stumpy that was better. What is the difference between the boards 10 litres and 100mm I recon it is the 100mm in width that is the challenge here.

Yesterday Sunday 30th of October 2016 wow how time flies – I rigged Stumpy with 42.5 bp fin (maybe a bit small, but why not should get some speed) Naish Grand Prix 8.8m sail. I was a touch concerned I might spin out with small fin but no – all good – not even slightly even when I was hauling up wind. After a few minor adjustments in the tuning department (thanks Tristan for the tips) it was bang on – what did that mean YES 🙂 I WAS PLANNING. Amazingly enough, whilst others weren’t – how cool is that….. I think I had forgot the one thing that Jeffrey and I talk about often, we need to rig big. Everyone I asked yesterday were rigging 7’s.

I had a blast sailing out from Wello in the NNE – the swell had come up a bit with the wind and tide, and remembered what Cameron once said if you are struggling to get on the plan ride down the face of the swell and yep that did the trick. That was what I used to do when going out from RQ beach – only chop at Victoria Point no swell to accelerate on. Sometimes I had to roll down 2 or 3 rollers to get the pace to start planning but it was a lot of fun.  Ended up with a 2 sec 21.6knots which is fine by me, even get a smiley face for that 🙂

Great sailing with Tristan and there were a couple of guys I haven’t seen before out having a bit of fun.  Tristan spotted Clive who must of come over from the other side – I did see a lone sailor out there – Hi Clive.

All in all a great day on the water – that is what windsurfing is all about – good for the mind body and soul

Have fun out there



Computer is fixed so a couple of photos – have to encourage the boss to get out of the car for photo time – or hang out the window




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