Whoa New Favourite windsurfing Board

Go the Sting Ray – today I had my first go on the Fanatic Sting Ray TT 170 windsurfing board.  WELL….what can I say the Stingray is the next stage in my windsurfing learning curve. What’s different – not as stable as the Naish Kailua – No centre board – weighs in about half the Naish – seems faster.

The day started, wind was around 12 knots at this stage,  I set up Naish 7.8m Noa, with Tectonic 50 fin – with great trepidation I set off.  Why nervous – last few boards I have tried I haven’t been able to ride – get planing or enjoy.

The first thing I noticed was very slippery compared to what I am used to, and a lot less stable then the Naish (go figure only 10 litres difference).  First tack fell in and struggled to get going again – uphauling was hard as I kept on falling in, tried to water start but not enough wind at this point.  So feeling more nervous at this point, as I didn’t do anything silly like take the Kailua in case stuff didn’t work with that board.

Head for the shallows Lota side of RQ (Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron), which I did – can stand up there in high tide (mud flats in low tide) so don’t have to worry about turning around (tacking/gybing) and as I head out if I pick the right spot where the bank is I can stand up the eastern end of the run too, NICE.   Early there was a point I just couldn’t get it going – couldn’t uphaul without falling off and couldn’t water/beach start ran out of breath and walked in to have a breather. (remember that stuff Jeff)  Haven’t done that forever – the Rio Longtail and Naish Kailua are very forgiving boards.

Am I going to keep at this – not one to give up – YEP!! In the meantime the wind had build, probs around 15 knots – I can now water/beach start a whole new ball game…..

What’s different,  I am on the plane easily (how cool is that), front foot goes in the strap easily (Nice), back foot now (where is it), the foot straps are very wide apart – felt like I was doing the splits.  All good – got my first real taste of the pure acceleration from this beast…..:-0 hang on tight old timer, you’ve got this.  Lets take this one for a ride and see what she’s got – it is pure love – how good is this 🙂 🙂 🙂

Different feeling in the straps – usually sensing a bit of overspray on my back foot but with TT, it was on the front foot.  Back straps felt like they could be moved out – but will wait a bit for that as the out board strap holes are more aggressive than the Naish and they were a bit tough to get to (I will get there) – will move the front straps back.

When I did that repair to the board I noticed there had been a heap of repairs done and the nose didn’t really have much integrity – knew it was going to give way sometime, but, wanted to try the board see if it has got what I want first before cutting the nose off..

It was a good sail – spent over 2 hours on/in the water – haven’t fallen off and struggled to get going for a long time – tried a couple of gybes.  Jaye said I was sheeting out too early….

Stats: Harness 99%, Gybes – 0 from 3 attemps, Tacks 8 from 45 attemps, planing 95%, water starts 2 from 15 attempts, deep water beach starts 100% (when the wind was there), front straps 100%, whilst planing, rear straps 99% whilst planing, Smiles 90%, parking tickets 1 :-(….

All in all a great day on the water and have found my new favourite board and have to learn to gybe on this one for sure.

Just have to fix the de laminating near the rear straps and nose to get it back in the water.

Have fun out there

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