Wind Wanderers Day at Golden Beach

Great day at Golden Beach with the Wind Wanderers Crew – Peter did a great job – everyone had a good time —– bonus some wind too.

There was a breeze when we arrived, I set up my 8.8m Naish Grand Prix on the Pacifico – just about to head out and Peter puts lunch on – so what could I do…..:-)

After we had a bit to eat I headed out on the Pacifico 200 litres Wind Sup and was blasting away from the get go, with both feet in straps – clocked 18 knots on her – didn’t think she had it. Made a few adjustments and bingo all good –  Time to get Stumpy (Fanatic StingRay 155L with the nose cut off) which I clocked 23 knots on.

Swapped boards and straight onto the plane and in both front and back straps Woo Hoo – Blasting across the flat water at Golden Beach.  First couple of runs stacked for some reason – still not sure why (may have been too close to sand bank and touched) Ouch!!!!! that hurt.  But that was it only stacks for the day as I decided really bad idea and not to do that again.  I ended up over powered with the 8.8 up but in between times had an absolute blast

Stats – Harness – sorted, Foot Straps – 99% whilst planning, water starts – 75% (weird while there seemed to be plenty of wind, sometimes not enough to water start 8.8 too big anyway), Uphauling – 25%, Deep water beach starts a bit of a challenge with tide and wind but doable, all in all a successful fun day had by all.  I must say Golden Beach would have to be my favourite windsurfing location – plenty of room to rig, taps to was gear, flat water, good company, flat water 🙂

No video – still working out how to use the new editing program – Overpowered, Crowded Wello Saturday still coming

A few photos of the day




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