Wind Wanderers first meet for the Season

Windsurfing enthusiasts get together for first meeting of the season. That’s us the motley crew from Wind Wanderers.

Peter, our new president did a sterling job of set up and great burgers – thanks mate

Set up tips – I was setting up my, what I could only call my nemesis sail (nearly my downfall lol) and Peter comes along and showed me how easy it really is to set up a cam sail.  WHAT! with the new mast it has been easier to set up but  WOW how easy was that………. We changed the rope – retied the rope at the end of the clew and man how much easier is this.  Then to put the cams on the mast Click, Click and Click without any effort.  Just a couple of simple tricks that you have to know to make it sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.  The same with de-rigging I usually have a drama with that sail and followed Peters instructions and pop, pop and pop no effort at all.  THAT IS SOOO COOL.

I must say we committed learners are easily exited when we learn new tricks that make the process easier. ‘That sail has taken me up to an hour to rig’.  Love the sail once on the water but have come very close to selling it – don’t have to now.  Thanks Peter

Tips and Tricks – these days there is a major increase in the amount of windsurfers either getting back into the sport or learning from the start. Which is good to see – really looking forward to the tips and tricks days this year

I setup Stumpy with Naish 8.8m and bp5o and managed to get planing in marginal winds, wasn’t for long – happy days for me must be listening.  Jack was up and away for a few good runs – did manage to break something and rigged a dodgy rig to get back last run.  This serves a reminder to all of us to Check all your gear – you should always do a pre start check before going out on the water.

It was great to see everyone who came and have a chin wag and a bonus a sail. It goes to show that there doesn’t have to be any wind to learn windsurfing as long as you get together – have a chat and get some gear out and ask question 🙂

Lake Weyba is great place to sail for we windsurfing folk – Thanks Peter and club for another nice catchup

See you out there



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