Wind Wanderers Free Race Event 2016

Wind Wanderers Free Race 2015/2016 Championship weekend

Awesome would be the word one would use to describe the week end.

The location was great Boreen Point, Lake Cootharaba just a touch north of Noosa part of the Noosa river network.

Competitors showing up from near and far – Gold Coast and Hervey Bay was great to see a large contingent of boy and girl Free Racers from Brisbane, Nice.  Not to mention the local guys and girls from the Sunny Coast.  Great to sail with you all – not often does one have the opportunity to sail with so many world class sailors but there it was at the Lake all week end and a few beers afterwards.

This Event the Free Race 2015/2016 Championship was two by one hour races Saturday and two by one hour races Sunday – choose your best two (Dylan did Thank you).  Free Race isn’t a course event it is quite literally a Free Race – competitors have to start in the same area and from there anything goes – find your own wind, flat water or race with your friends or for Andy Sat and Jo and Brad on Sunday Elanda (that is some major upwind to get back) you can change your gear as many times as you like over the coarse of the event.

Saturdayforcast wind 20 – 25 knots with possible gusts to 30 SSE Woo Hoo sounds good on paper – Actual, Morning blowing around 14knots with gust to 16, mmm most of us rigged small – my mission for the first race just get on the plane.  Did a couple of times (work on technique)  Everyone else was planning even Mal got going on his 133 Bic..  There were a few who decided to head over to the far side of the Lake and took up to an hour and a Half to get back.  Not going to mention any Names, the wind had dropped right off, fair to say, it would have been a tough call to get back.

2nd Race was a different story – the wind came 15 with gusts to 20 everyone even I was planing.  What a good event here we are some of us just trying to get on the plane and others racing the hell out of each other on the other side of the Lake – how cool is that.

Saturday Night – At Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club hosted by Russell and Tony (great to see you and have a drink) Jonesy’s Gourmet Burgers were a winning treat for hungry Sailors.   Anita and I give Jonesy the award for efficiently, expertly and calmly cooking, preparing and serving absolutely delicious Beef and Lamb Burgers.  A few beers and a red with festivities for the crew with awards from 2014 season.  Award winners see photo – Steve Comiskey, Brad Anderson, Dave Sandos, Kelly Tusler, Me and Michael Jones.  I think everyone slept pretty well on Saturday night.

Sunday – Day 2 – race 3 & 4 – got up and the Lake was like a mill pond mmmm….. but as promised on the SeaBreeze forecast, the wind came and came and came first race, it was a steady 15 to 20 ish everyone including me rigged big – Jaye and I had a tussle over the Naish Noa 7.8m sail lol Dad got the Noa and Jaye took out the 6.6 Avanti Nice. It was on like Donkey Kong and the speed guys were absolutely smashing it out there on the Lake – great for us novices to watch and sail with, they do make it look sooo easy.  It was a full on hour for the first race, just enough down haul for me.

2nd Race the wind kept on coming and had built some more – not enough down haul now struggled to maintain control but had some awesome runs.  Everyone seemed to stick with the big gear to the most part as did Jaye and I Whoaaaaa! what a ride.  Well I was trashed at the end.

Then the drive home – plenty to talk about in the car Jaye and I had some firsts in the races – first time I had the Naish out in the rough over 20 knots

Thanks to all the Sponsors, especially Andy for being there and sharing in the fun and festivities Healthworks, Surf Sail Australia, Black Project fins, Flying Objects and Free Race and Wind Wanderers for another fun filled, exciting, action packed windsurfing adventure – what a fantastic sport.  Thank you also goes out to the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club for their venue.

Definitely looking forward to the next one Jetty to Jetty February


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