Windsurfing at RQ Sunday 19th July 15

Had a great day on the water first Go Pro video – this time I remembered to press record.

Clive was there – Cameron was out and about on his formula gear the water was blue out from RQ nice.

12 to 14 knot winds and what else can I say.

I found out what happened last week with the Naish fin/sail WAY WRONG – combo no good – should of had a bigger fin for the sail – I did keep going sideways.  Please correct me if I am wrong the bigger the sail – the bigger the fin in marginal conditions – in windy conditions you can reduce the size of the fin as the board will rail up on the heal/windward side.  With my weight on a board the size of Rio 259 Litres the 50cm BP fin should always be suitable, but with the Naish 180 litres I would change to a smaller fin in windy condition.  It is all about the lateral resistance.  Learning windsurfing is a tough one for many reasons – first one is just to get going and when you do Woo Hoo very cool.  Then once you pass over to the intermediate level a whole lot of other stuff comes into play – you are now planning – windsurfing is really starting to become fun. Now you have to start thinking of what sail, what fin and for some moving into what board to use in what wind.  All windsurfing people are really nice and i have no problems asking what the other guys are using to get an idea of what to use myself.

This week it was the Rio Longtail with 50BP fin and Loft 8.5m sail – my favourite sail still.  There is a lesson learnt as you get better the fin sail combo plays a more crucial role in a good sailing.

It was just what I needed to get back on the horse and have a good one and it was great – thanks Clive for your pointers really appreciated it mate – look forward to catching up again.

The video looks heaps better with the on and record buttons deployed lol






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