Windsurfing Golden Beach

Well what can I say after no wind yep no wind at all – we got a fresh breeze yesterday woo hoo.

Anita – Naish with the 4.5m Gun Sail – maybe a bit too windy for her but no out she went nice….. Sailed to the sandbar in the middle at Golden Beach struggled a bit getting the sail and board set in the right direction.  Morgan to the rescue, I went to help just long enough to get yelled at again lol but was good enough to get her going and Anita sailed back to the bank – and so it begins.  I remember getting myself in trouble because of inexperience but as time went by I gained the confidence with my windsurfing to keep having a go knowing I would always get back.  (thanks to the Pacifico mostly).  Nice job Darls – you are a windsurfer now for some speed……. 😉

I went in the water after 3pm it was a nice breeze I rigged the Neil Pryde 7.5m on the Rio Long Tail.  Last time I went out on the long tail I had the foot straps just back too far so I moved them to the 2nd back locations.  What a good idea that was.  Here I was straight up on the plan and the dang straps couldn’t be more in the way if I tried so stuck my feet in them – how cool was that straight into the foot straps, harness planning and smashing it.  So that is what they called locked in.  Man that Rio Long Tail is the best board for the beginner/intermediate (don’t tell anyone I said this) but I would have to say it is better than the Pacifico.  I didn’t think that was possible – Simon – what have you done to me………..I will be in to discuss on Sunday at your clinic.  No photos to prove it as Anita was out and was so distracted didn’t even notice 🙁

Jaye – came in a bit later he had 6.6m Avanti sail set and his nice shiny new F2 Sunset 105 rocket and struggled a bit probs should have had the 7.5 but too bad I had it at least until Ben got there too.  Jaye had a smile from ear to ear and was flying along on that nice board.

Ben – bought the Pacifico down for a run and we shared the 7.5m neil pryde – we definitely need another 7.5m.  Ben did really well too he was blasting across the channel with ease – planning – if he wasn’t in the straps he was close.  Ben for some reason didn’t have his harness with – he must of bumped his head on it getting the Pacifico out from under the house.  He will be sore today.

Brendon – Jaye’s mate had a go but fell off twice and gave up – he said that it was frustrating – I said welcome to the sport of windsurfing – see what happens today.

And at 3am Tuesday morning my daughter had a beautiful baby boy 🙂



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  • Morgs says:

    Went out yesterday for a light wind play around at Golden Beach and had some fun – practiced tacking quickly – so I didn’t wash down with the tide.
    No one else were interested in getting wet not enough wind for them lol. After two hours light wind sailing when I decided to come in the last run back to shore the wind was up a bit.

    Jaye had come to help me carry my gear across the road to the house we are staying in and noticed that I had some pace. Can I have a go Dad – off he went.

    I wanted another turn so he went to get his board and we shared the 7.5m sail – seemed to be railing on the windward side – not sure what that is too much sail or fin too big. He came in and grabbed the 6.6 and was good. There were some nice gusts amongst it so we sailed to dark.

    Was nice – we have a few beginners today wanting to have a go so will see how things go today. No breeze yet.

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