Windsurfing Saturday 16/05/2015 for me

Saturday at RQ Beach Manly Brisbane – it was blowing like 20+ and my last experience of that was at Sandgate with the off shore – so I was feeling a bit un nerved from that experience.

Windsurfing is such a hard sport at the best of times let alone trying to figure out what sail to rig.  When I arrived it was blowing a gale so grabbed the 6.6m Avanti to set up but whilst I waited in the car for a squall to blow by it dropped to a steady – what seemed like 15 ish – so set up the 7.5m Neil Pryde sail on my Rio Longtail.

By the time I had finished setting up – it was back to blowing a gale again – man that is one hard board to carry in a decent wind.  I started to feel a bit anxious with the direction of the wind blowing straight across towards Wynnum.  I was doubting my abilities – should never do that!!!!!  No Jet skiis here today to help me – I stood in the water for about ten minutes summoning the courage to step up on the board and go for it.  Wasn’t coming…. started to think I am going to get smashed out there – nervous about the 7.5m sail I set up should have rigged the 6.6m after all. More doubts………..second guessing myself

It all started in the morning once I had done what I had to, the thoughts of its too cold – I am tired – not feeling like I could be bothered and a little anxious.  Maybe should just stay home and rest – in the morning I did some running around with Ben and Jaye car stuff.  I do like doing things with my boys 🙂

Standing waste deep in the water – well I had come this far and not one to quite easily with great trepidation I stepped up on the board – BANG!!! I was off – repeating to myself got to head up wind got to head upwind so pointed at Wello and maintained that course – kept on loooking back to see if it was all good.  MMM this is feeling good!  It was a little rough turned to head back lost my balance and in the drink I went – a little panic because thought that’s it going to end up in the port of Brisbane – back on the board no worries and headed straight back to RQ Beach – all good.  Jumped off and had a rest.  ALL GOOD 🙂

Windsurfing – a sport that constantly throws us challenges after all it is in the sea.  So game on…… I had a great afternoon on the board blasting to and from RQ half way to Wello – finally I am staying with the kites and at one stage even catching them.  Woo Hoo – I really have been touched with the magic windsurfing stick.

Stats- Deep water beach starts 90%, Uphaul three times, Tacks 95%, Gybes (bit dodgy but) 100% only did one though lol, feet in front set of foot straps 99%,  Back set a bit of a mix had back front foot in a few times narrow stance (back foot in front back strap still), both feet in rear straps once but as soon as I put the back foot in the rear strap I turned up wind.  I was trying to stand on my toes too.  No photos and no gps – I recon I equalled my top speed so far :-),  Got air a couple of times – completely by accident (that board is not designed to get air)  just came off some swell heading towards Wello a bit fast.

All in all had an absolute blast – it was definitely worth the effort to get there, get set up and to overcome my first little nervous hiccup.  The arrows say there is going to be wind again today SSE so RQ Beach again today to have some more fun.

See you out there

Cheers Morgs Morgan

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