Windsurfing this weekend 28/05/2016

MMM not sure windsurfing in the cold – wind sites say it may be ok from the tending from the West with some southerly in there Brrrrrr! even sounds cold.

High tide around 2pm – with the westerly would have to head to Wellington Point but looking out the window not look too promising at this point.  Maybe around 3pm this afternoon we might head down for a look.

Moving house over the next couple of weeks so leave pass to go windsurfing will be hard to get 🙁

UPDATE: Leave pass was granted packing can wait – today, I am going to try my new JP xcite ride 145l oooh my now go to board and the my smallest board.  Man that is sooo small to think a year ago I was on the Rio Longtail 259L and loving every minute of it.

Decided to set up the Avanti 6.6m sail MISTAKE #1  Jaye decided to set Naish 6m sail MISTAKE #2 LOL…..  Anyway seemed like a good idea at the time.  Once set up Jaye headed out to the Eastern side of the bank in the hope to find some flat water.

I took a bit to get set up I put the 37.5 BP fin on in the hope that no spin out (Yeah it was perfect held on like a ripper – happy days) was a bit nervous about that once set up, here I am heading out with this tiny board that only other people ride and the conditions seemed a bit crazy – in for a penny in for a pound they say.  After all over the last couple of years I have had the Pacifico, Fanatic Shark and the Rio Longtail out in these same westerly conditions at Wello so I am still alive – should be good 🙂

Alan (previous owner) had the foot straps at their outer limits and I decided to leave them there, she’ll be right mate…..  First beach start – fully successful 🙂 and away we go WHOA!!!! we have lift off.  Made it about 30m first stack – that is not so bad.  Man it was rough – where is the flat water – so made some adjustments to the harness lines shortened them (That’s Better).  The run back in I had a go at the front straps and bingo success.  Back foot was against the rear strap but not game to even have a go at this point.  At this point I was feeling really over powered and not quite in control…. more out haul – so pulled it to its maximum – made a difference.

Next couple of runs I was good for the front strap but had difficulty in making the rear but eventually yehaa made it – both feet in and planing NICE……:-) only one way left foot forward – did manage to smash my middle toe on one attempt at going for it on the other side though lol.

Happy with my new board seems fast – managed to clock 21 knots out there and put the traditional ding in the board – no idea how I did it – all good something to do amongst moving.




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