Windsurfing Westerly at Wello

Sunday 12 – 7 – 2015 Windsurfing in a Westerly at Wello on the Naish Kailua 180L  I sailed it last year at Wello in a Westerly with about the same success.  One thing though this year I have a much better understanding of what I need to do to get the short boards moving.

I set up Neil Pryde 7.5m Sail perhaps a bit big….. I am pretty sure I was a touch overpowered in the gusts – I had forgotten what is like to get thrown over and over and over again.  MMM remember now – I did spend more time in the water than I did on the board on Sunday.  THAT SUCKED!!! LOL

I feel I did learn from the experience – to stick with the Rio —— not really but how to place my feet.  It also was a good opportunity to practice deep water starts with good success – only uphauled once and that was because the wind had dropped.  Nice.  First outing with the Go Pro  (Note to self – press the record button before you go out lol) so no footage.  Would have got to see a lot of under water.

Jaye came out for a while on his Naish Nitrix 135L with Naish 6m sail –  didn’t have much fun and felt like a beginner again – he felt overpowered in the gusts and crashed a lot and came in.  Keep Mum company – who was nice a toasty warm in the car.

What did I learn or achieve – Feet and weight distribution is soooooo much more critical on the smaller board (keep feet close together and baby steps) I must admit haven’t been practising that. So it was back to bury the nose under water, step back, bury the tail under water, weight too close to the rails too soon and tipped off. Wow bring it on ……..  Determined to get this sucker planning and in straps.  I decided that I should just focus on one thing and that is planning not foot straps with a little success.  After many more stacks concentrating on weight movement and getting my weight off the board I had a successful run planning foot in back strap (intermediate).  Compared to the Rio, it felt soo light under foot.   Only did 13kts so only just planing – my weight was off the board

Man oh man why can’t I get this stuff….. as Jeff says, it is very humbling.  In reflection this week has been full of a lot of mixed feelings and the feeling of general despondence all together about the sport – a great sport but maybe some of us should just go to kiting….or give it up.  I have the utmost respect for the ladies and gents who are so good at the sport on such little boards.  Cudos also goes out to Jeff who is sticking with his small board and struggling through mate.






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  • Morgs says:

    Wow – so glad I stuck with it.

    It is really good to read back a year and see where I was up to and the feelings I was going through to get to the end result planning and in the foot straps.

    For anyone out there reading this – if you are learning keep with it because it is the most rewarding sport on the planet. Good for the mind, body and soul not forgetting heath and fitness


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