Windsurfing with Wind Wanderers

Just wanted to say a few words about Wind Wanderers – During my early search for windsurfing coaching and lessons I was lucky enough to come across a group called Wind Wanderers – see links to go to their site.  Once hooked up to the site I could see what’s going on around me in the windsurfing community – here in Australia there is very little available to you if you are learning.  So you can imagine our excitement when we came across the group.  The two Peters -Peter De Laet and Peter Nitschke,  and Kelly Tusler (KA72) – nice people giving up their own time to help we Improvers/learners.

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Our first event we attended was when they ran WOW at lake Wyeba on the Sunshine Coast in Feb 2014- but the good part was we were all welcomed to the event.

Photo of Kelly and Anita and the group in the park.  We had only been windsurfing since,  Me,  November 13, Jaye, January 14 and Anita’s first time on a board Woo Hoo Thanks Kelly 🙂

We practised what we learned with a additional help from Cameron and Dave from RQYS who were also very kind with their time to help Jaye and I to improve with advice and time with us on the water – another great bunch of windsurfing people 🙂 not to mention my constant debriefing from Simon at Board Crazy in Brisbane. Thanks guys your help has been an integral part of our Windsurfing Learning Curve.


Scores for first Free RaceThe next event we attended was a bit out there for learners but, you got to be in it to win it lol.  Free Race at Shearwater on the Gold Coast in September of 2014 – we thought we’ve got this.  By this time the bug had bitten both Jaye and I – we had spent all of the winter on the water practising.  What a blast it was a fantastic experience and our first benchmark and figures for speed.  Jaye smashed out a blistering 3.25 and I was hot on his heals with 1.45 average knots over one hour.

Wind Wanderers organise the Free Race events – Michael Jones (Jonsey), I have just learnt that Bryn is amongst the organisers and of coarse Peter De Laet, Justin, Kelly and Dylan of Ka72 fame.  Thanks again guys










Next time we met with the crew from Wind Wanderers was at the round Goat Island event in October 2014 – almost everyone was there for that event Jeff, Tony, Mal, Patrick, Justin, Josh and Peter De Laet.  Great fun we bought the cooker and Peter bought the sausages for an after sail bbq – I did  my best to cook them just right lol.  It was an excellent fun day and get together again thanks to the folk at WindWanderers.

DSCN3087Discovered my fitness was in need of attention at the first free race so decided to hit the gym a bit harder.  The Two Peter’s put on a clinic at Elanda point – no photos – Anita the chief photographer was in the water wetting a sail.  Another great get together and thanks guys for the tips – I tried to get the shark going on Saturday without much luck – the 2 Peters tried to help (some people just cant be helped lol).  The second day I took out the Pacifico to the instructors surprise I could sail this one reasonable ok.   We missed 2nd free race at Caloundra unfortunately – didn’t feel quite ready for it.

The next event was Free race #3 February 2015 Jaye and I are really starting to get this windsurfing thing now.  Simon matched me up with the perfect board the Rio Long Tail 3.3 m long, 820mm wide 259litres MASSIVE BOARD…  User friendly foot straps which I mastered the intermediate ones in a matter of weeks from getting the board Woo Hoo, what a difference.  See Photo managed to clock 7.48 knot over an hour at the third free race at Lake Cootharaba – slight improvement  Jaye missed that one.  I really enjoyed the company of nice people and had fun 🙂


The next event FR #4 a month after was Andy’s  Hervey Bay race which because of logistics was held at Lake Cootharaba in March – Jaye was up for this one with a result of 3.47 for the hour – it was fairly windy and he struggled with his new board.  I was pretty happy with my run but had to stop a few times because forgot my puffy thingo but still happy with my result just the same of 6.65 knots avg speed for the hour.  Had to have a few rests – but did manage to clock 19.98 knots 2sec got to be happy with that… Thanks again guys for a great event which was a lot of fun.



DSCN3564 DSCN3551Free Race #5 – I am hooked on the Free Races now – they are fun, challenging and a great get together.  Was up to 30 knots off shore (knowning this I had organised for Ben my older son to bring his Jet skiis just in case) As it turned out it was too much for Jaye and I, so we pulled out of the race and just had a muck around on the water – still fun.  Another good event from Wind Wanderers only missed Two races in the year and by the looks of the score card on looks like I may have done ok in Group C.

Next year we are hoping to get to Burrum windfest as well – Peter sounds like he going to get another round goat Island bash going we will be there and I will be at all freerace events next year – or at least that is what the plan is.

To the people at Wind Wanderers I am sure I speak for a good few of us Improvers – Jeff, Tony, Mal, Ants, Pat and others when I say thanks guys and girls for putting sooooo much effort into getting stuff going and adding some adventure into our windsurfing 🙂



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