Winter is coming and getting cold

That time of the year again screaming into Winter – no wind and cold, better go dig my wettie out.  What is a windsurfer to do.

We went out visiting on Saturday most of the day with a movie at home while we had lunch.  Picked up a JP 145 x-cite ride to progress to from Stumpy (155L).  I am really happy with Stumpy but she is very banged up and not quite sure how long she is going to last.  The X-cite ride is a touch narrower 60mm and about the same length now Stumpy has had a nose job.  Looks ok with nice sharp rails in the back – round at the front and flat rocker at the back – should be suitable.  The F2 Thommen 160 has gone to a new good home with Pete from Bribie Island.

Wow to less than a year ago I was excited about getting planning on the ‘Rio Longtail’ best learners board on the planet.  I was looking at some of the footage of my progression on the week end and I have come a long way in a short space of time.  The learning curve is steeper at the moment.  Although in saying that – it is now cold and no wind.

I am spending my life at the gym in order to maintain a reasonable level of fitness – but the weight loss is suffering a bit.  I am sitting at around 98 kilos (down 10) it seems I only loose some if I get out on the water.  Must burn a fair few Calories when you spent 2 to 3 hours on the water.



Excite ride 145

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